Unit 8: How People Feel

Senior Project Pre-Production

First and foremost I have to say that I’m afraid that one of the “groups,” mentioned in this week’s reading, about researching emotion recognition has to be…in our own backyard. I don’t even want to type the actual name of the company!

I’m definitely going to include an anecdote in my next infographic, just to supplement the story since they invoke empathy and trigger memory centers.

There is a section about about the scenting machines and I’m glad to put this argument to rest. People have said for years that Abercrombie used a machine to pump scents into their store and I agreed that it had to be true and now I know it is. But their goal was certainly achieved, people always remember that smell pouring out of the stores.

Why is this important? All senses with the exception of smell go through the thalamus before it goes anywhere else. Smell is processed in the amygdala, where emotional information is processed, which is why people react emotionally to smells. The thalamus is the part of the brain between the cerebral cortex and the midbrain. One of its functions is to process sensory information and send it to the appropriate part of the cortex. – “Welcoming Warmth” is a branded scent used by Sheraton hotels

The nucleus accumbens is the part of the brain that is active when people experience pleasurable events, but it is most active when people experience an event that is unexpected.

Attention restoration is a type of therapy that involves people performing a task called the backward digit-span task, that wears out their voluntary attention. Next the participants should walk through a Pastoral Scene, like my personal favorite:

Puget Sound on the Pacific Coast by artist Albert Bierstadt

Puget Sound on the Pacific Coast by artist Albert Bierstadt

and following that walk, these people should do the backward digit-span task again.

The digit span task involve numbers Memory Span is a common measure of short-term memory. Backward memory span is a more challenging variation which involves recalling items in reverse order.


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