Unit 7: People Are Social Animals

Senior Project Pre-Production

So much of what I read in this unit makes sense when I think of things like Facebook and twitter, and it ties into the reading from last week as to why people do these things online…like lie. When i think of the small groups that I belong to and what drives the social engagement in these groups I think of my time in the military and i think of the gay communities that i live in. Still today, i couldn’t imagine living outside of Capitol Hill in Seattle because its is where my social group lives. And i think of my time in the military as something that has bound me to those other individuals for life.  The part about mimicking someone else actions becomes painfully obvious to me when i see someone take a drink. If I see someone take a drink i automatically want to take a drink. I can see it happen with other people if i with them too.

Dunbar’s number – a formula for calculating the limit for different groups. Anthropologists call this Dunbar’s number for the species

mirror neurons – neurons in the brain that fire the same when you see someone take an action as they would if you were actually taking the action yourself

synchronous activity –

“actions you take together with others, where everyone is doing the same thing at the same time in physical proximity to one another.

Duchenne smile – is a smile that looks real as opposed to fake. people are more likely to trust someone who is perceived as genuine.


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