Unit 6: What Motivates People

Senior Project Pre-Production

In this chapter I really felt more like I was self-analyzing my own behaviors because its about motivation I started to wonder if what the author was talking about applied to me. Am I a procrastinator? Would I have eaten the marshmallow as a child? I’m just going to say that this has been my favorite section to read. I learned about myself and how I work and what motivates me, AND WHY. And I think the why is the important part.

The first part leading up to the writing about Pavlovian response became very clear to me when I thought about myself being inseparable from my phone. I feel like I’ve been manipulated a bit to always want to have it nearby – so that i can feed my dopamine addiction. …But I know I’m not alone. I deleted Facebook 6 months ago and it was like going through a 12 step program.

For more about how Facebook is a terrible drug click the image below.



But then the animated video: ‘The surprising truth about what motivates us’ was uplifting. It seems like more and more research suggests that people are motivated because they have an intrinsic want to be good at something or create something that betters the world or a persons life – and that the accomplishment of that is reward enough (which i love). So the old belief that people are simply motivated by money is is going away. And the same research says that people actually perform worse when expected to be motivated by money. But what does it mean for people who are genuinely motivated by money…? Could they be sociopaths..? Even Forbes magazine says it ain’t all that motivating.

I looked into more about Azlem Ayduk who is gathering more information on the delaying of gratification which ties in with the Marshmallow experiment. The video was cute and funny and I can only hope that a 5 year old Richard would have waited on the second marshmallow. This article isn’t long, but connects Yuichi Shoda from the Dept. of Psychology at the University of Washington to Azlem.




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