Preliminary Proposal for Project 3

Senior Project Pre-Production

For project 3, I want to work on something that is more in line with my thesis idea and something that can be evolved for senior project. I want to design an app that makes it easier for people to access information about voting. Because there needs to be an answer to The Republican Push to Make It Harder to Vote. Some laws currently block the method of voting in political elections by phone which is why there isn’t an app yet that provides such a service.

And since I want to avoid breaking any laws I’ll design this app to be a host of information about upcoming elections, candidates, polling stations, registering to vote, and how to get involved. And perhaps soon we’ll be able to vote with mobile phones.

I think that theres plenty of room for an app like this and it is still a confusing process to many people, especially in states where there is an active push to make it more difficult to vote. People there could use this app to make sure that they’re registered, know where and when to go to vote, who’s running, and can do all this research in one app on a mobile device.


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