Project 1 Proposal:

Senior Project Pre-Production

Package design plays such an important role in the world of marketing and what influences people to purchase a certain brand over another OR even a certain product over another.

A relatively new product called bioplastics, which are made from byproducts of vegetable fat and oils, are more biodegradable than fossil-fuel plastics and create less greenhouse gases when being produced. Bioplastics are used for disposable items, such as packaging, cutlery, pots, bowls, and straws. They are also often used for bags, trays, fruit and vegetable containers and blister foils, egg cartons, meat packaging, vegetables, and bottling for soft drinks and dairy products.


In short, I believe that these bioplastics are going to become more and more popular in packaging, and not just packaging but completely new products as well.

The problem is that, so far, there haven’t been too many creative approaches to bioplastics as it pertains to package design. Can it be printed on? What sort of shapes can it withstand? I want to explore different uses for this innovative new product and how it can be used in the future of package design.

Prospective Clients: Alba Botanicals, Burt’s Bees, Jason Personal Care-which all have strong branding and allows me to focus on the new form of packaging itself and not on the branding. There is also the possibility to work with a client that does NOT yet have strong branding and create a strong brand through the innovative packaging.



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