Thesis Response 2:

Senior Project Pre-Production

History Museum Exhibit Design

Lauren Watkins-Hoff

This thesis is related to thesis response 1 in that they both pertain to an experience that a person has with a space, more specifically a space that is designed to evoke a very specific reaction. Lauren explains how exhibit design (or set design) plays an important role in educating viewers. In a history museum it is advised to, “never try too hard to adjust the story to what is acceptable today”

I was looking for jobs on USAjobs one day and I came across an INCREDIBLE job in DC working at the holocaust museum as an user experience designer. It never occurred to me that:

1. these types of jobs existed

and 2. that I could actually apply for them

And Lauren thesis explains just how exhibit design pertains to graphic and web designers through the audience’s experience. She quotes Stogner, “twenty-first century media technologies have excellent potential to create immersive storytelling for cultural exhibitions by heightening sensory engagement and by forging deeper cognitive and emotional contextual connections with artifacts and objects.” Exhibit, set, and interior design in-conjunction-with interface and graphic design out together to create an experience for the user is clearly something that is really interesting to me: the scale and color of graphics, the presentation of artifacts, lighting, ceiling height, music, etc. and how all of these elements influence a feeling for the user. Lauren’s and Brooke’s theses have been paramount in providing some great inspiration to my ideas for a thesis


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