Unit 9 Reading:

Information Design

“This Chart is a Lonely Hunter”

I think this was a great article to close out the readings with. It has definitely reverberated the point that infographics are becoming more and more valuable to people as more and more information about everything is emerging.

I can say at the end of this quarter that I have fallen in love with infographics. I think I am the type of person that learns through visual representation and I’ve learned the importance of infographics in today’s ‘data saturated’ times or as Reif Larson calls it “total noise.”

There was a ‘bit’ ini the article about designers being the new priests of information that i thought was ensightful. It rings true that people are becomming dependant on visual representations of data. However, are they getting the whole picture? It is going to be a big responsibility of a designer to accurately depict this data. Will there be a “Ethics of Infographics” in the future? (ah, this is covered later…)

Later, there is a section following the infographic about the McCain/Obama election, that I personally, need to remember. “infographics are at their best when they help you visualize one particularly illuminating trend that could not be told in any other way. The most successful infographics operate with elegance and restraint, and it is this restraint—this withholding of other information so that you can see a point clearly—that forces you to ask the big questions.” -I tend to want to encorperate ALL the information…But, as this quote points out, it simply should illustrate a point.

In all, It was a lengthy article with several profound points. I have bookmarked it and researched some of the designers that it highlight. And lastly I’m taking away from it, again, the importance of telling a story with an infographic. Or perhaps, creating a story out of seemingly arbitrary sets of data.

Nicholas Felton holding his Annual Report of his Life.

This is a powerpoint slide covering a topic that I would deem worhty of more attention. And reitterates the point made with the Boeing Slide from the article. And I encounter this SO MUCH at my federal job where information is critical, it can save lives, and save money… etc. But the delivery of information is severely lacking.






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