Unit 8 Reading

Information Design

Chapter 9 focused a lot on interface and user experience:

Visability – an object should look like the fuction it performs

Feedback – for every action, users should percieve a reaction

Constraints – design for clear limits in usability

Consistency – Place like elements in the same position across multiple pages

Structuring interactive and Animated Infographics: First, present the most important figures or the most relevant points. Then, allow readers to dig into the information, explore, and come up with their own stories.

There were several points made in this chapter that were really relevant to the infographic that I’ve been creating for P2 on Labor and Education of Men and Women. I didn’t know that I had been creating a LINEAR infographic. But the points each rely on each other to tell the whole story.

Kinds of Interaction:

Instruction – user tells the infographic to do something

Conversation – Allows the user to have a conversation with the interface. Rare

Manipulation – allows the user to change the structure and appearance to acheive certain goals.

Exploration – a view into a set environment

Before, I didn’t know that a video-game-feeling design could be classified as an infographic. I see now that it can. It seems like a very complex way to inform a user but coan be really effective when describing an environment.



I really enjoyed this Q&A hans seemed really politically correct and I admire that. He sees the world as facts and not as a lump sums of groupings. He wants to educate people through appealing infographics and not gigantic databases.

And I like his way of working together with the other people involved with the information to produce the best possible infographic solution: The statistician, the engineer, and the designer. I encounter this problem all the time at my current job where vital information is lost or simply misinterpreted because no one is communicating. There are only the tasks, collecter and presenter. It seems like his model has worked really well for him.




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