Project 3 Preliminary Proposal

Information Design

For Project 3 of Integrated Information Design I’m going to create an infographic that fulfills the Research Based Design criteria in Portfolio 2.

The subject will be an opposing view of male circumcision. It is a topic that is gaining more and more media attention as time goes on and it’s also a global human rights issue. In developed countries it’s been deemed unnecessary, however in developing nations it is still thought of as medically helpful in the prevention of HIV and other STD transmission.

My reasoning behind doing this is to dispel myths about male circumcision and its so-called benefits world-wide.

I’ll probably pull information such as:

condom usage by nation

popular cultural beliefs about sex

Fastest growing HIV+ demographic by nation

Infant deaths related to circumcision.

Countries that practice female circumcision.


I’m not sure if id like to do this interactively…The words interactive and circumcision together make me cringe. But there is potential for a brochure, or a booklet, or poster.

I’ve chosen Intact America as my client. I was going to choose the World Health Organization as my client, but it seems like the only information that they would publish is in favor of circumcision. So….the other options were independent publications like Huffington Post or organizations like Intact America.



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