Unit 7 Reading

Information Design

Chapter 8 largely made me want to move to Brazil! It seems like the graphic design and journalism industry are booming there. Chapter 8 also seemed to reiterate the importance of collecting appealing, important, and accurate data and telling a story. I liked the first line of The Changing Face of Brazil’s Population, “Sometimes it is not the story that leads you to search for a particular kind of data. Sometimes it is the data that leads you to a story.” It reads incredibly true that when you’re looking at a data set you may be able to discover something profound that you weren’t exactly looking for. Personally, where I work this sort of thing happens often. And when it does we’re able to tell a different story or address a different problem.

The chapter went on a lot about Brazil and its fluctuating economy and population which felt a little off topic but eventually pointed out how infographics can be used to illustrate the profundity of these topics. The examples of info graphics used were quite beautiful to look at AND easy to extract the information from.

And the last little bit about color and font choices was insightful. If theres one recurring message about design regarding infographics, it’s to choose just one or two fonts and just two or three colors!

This infographic about Hillary Clinton is a good example of color and font usage. Even though there isn’t an abundance of raw data being presented the message is easy to digest.

I’m really digging this infographic. It’s colorful and really inviting, while extremely informative and I think there’s a really great balance between graphs and illustrative and typographical choices. The only thing I would have changed is the colors chosen, they seem a little too cheery for a topic like poverty.





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