P1 Progress Feedback

Information Design

Today I discussed my project progress with Hoang Nguyen, Manny Reznikof, and Heather Hendrickson.


Hoang had a lot of helpful advice about how to address the overall look of my infographic, saying that it might be worth it to try making it look like a blueprint. Since the project is about construction and development he thought that it would be an appropriate solution.

Hoang also suggested that I add some depth or dimension to the development sites. He’s says he’s aware that this will cause me more work but would really pay off in the end because it will look really thought out and professional.

Manny and Heather thought that applying the actual boundaries of the Capitol Hill neighborhood would be better than isolating just one section of the neighborhood because viewers would get a better since of location than just using a square shape map.

Heather also said that she likes the original color palette and thinks it is congruent with Google maps’ color scheme. She believes this is the better choice because people are so familiar and comfortable with that aesthetic.


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