Week 10 Lecture: Design and Desire

Survey of Design

What do people want?

– sensual pleasure

– ease (when it comes to most things)

Characterization of a sexual experience.

If you actually get the thing that you desire then you don’t desire it anymore. The satiation of desire, on one hand is a feeling of accomplishment, on the other hand the desire is now gone.

The id, the subconscious, cannot learn. It wants what it wants and you cannot reason with the id and say that it does or doesn’t want something. Freud – transference, the ego, is reason. Negotiates between the id and the superego. Offers the “but…” that people need, and navigates between what is socially acceptable and what isn’t.

People want to be wanted and want to be desired which is the driving force behind so many of our choices.

In design we are always being promised:

  • to be like something via its acquisition
  • to gain sex or power through acquisition
  • that the wanting itself is to be desired

Anthropomorphic design – to imbue an object with human qualities or to allow a consumer to possess non human characteristics via association.

Janine Antoni – Gnaw. 1992. Three part installation.






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