Week 9 Lecture Notes

Digital Illustration

The third and final project for digital illustration is to create night time image out of a day time image.

Step one was to select a landscape image during the day that has a relatively high resolution that can be edited to look like it was taken at night.

This week we learned how to use the burning and dodging tools to darken and lighten areas of the image.

Creating Street Lights: in our night time image by using a light yellow circle, the perspective tool, and the screen overlay to fade the light to look natural. Then, by adding a hot spot to the light source we have a realistic looking street light.

Creating Fog:

Filter > Render > Clouds > set width to 1000

double click on layer to find blending options > check blend if > hold alt > click on blacks to separate them

set a layer mask and paint in the fog selectively


For next week:

– Bring in three light sources in the image. 060530-N-6146L-057_JPG


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