Unit 7 Reading

Interface Design


by Jen Gordon


This article is a brief overview and offers insight on the steps to take when creating an iPhone App. Jen Gordon states that having a project goal will help make your app development process a success. The next step is to determine expectations of the project; cost to produce, popularity, and people responsible for managing success are all factors that are unique to each project. Then it’s nearly time to begin, individuals may want to have their idea evaluated by a professional and if you don’t have access to a professional app developer then Jen suggest to ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the app solve a unique problem?
  • Does the app serve a niche?
  • Does it make people laugh?
  • Are you building a better wheel? this pertains to apps that already exist that may be missing important features.
  • Will the app be highly interactive?


Jen Gordon breaks the rest of the process down into five steps as follows:

Step 1. Develop  a monetization and marketing plan

Step 2. Sign up for a developer account

Step 3. Sketch your application

  • when sketching an application Jen suggests keeping the following in mind:
    • What primary action will users take within the app?
    • What information will each screen need to present?
    • What is the flow? How will users get from start to finish?
    • How big should the elements on screen be relative to each other?

Step 4. Identify the work to be outsourced

  • when creating an app, you’re essentially starting a small business. Know what work you’re capable of producing yourself and what work you will need assistance with.

Step 5. Hiring a team

  • once you’ve determined what work needs to be outsourced you can start the process of hiring the team needed to fully develop the app.



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