App Ideas Week 8

Survey of Design


– this app was an idea that I had for another class but wasn’t brave enough to carry it out. It’s basically an app that keeps allows the user to keep track of their partners.


– The mobile closet. This is a really in depth idea that contains links to various men and women’s retail stores where you can simply choose items that you’d like to add to your closet or items tat you already have in your closet and then make it easier for the user to plan outfits and keep track of what they’re wearing and what they’re not.

Environmental Protection Agency App Ideas

– I work at the EPA and I want to incorporate my experience there with my experience at school.

– an app that shows the user where recycling centers are located for various kinds of waste.

– an mobile version of the EPA Echo Website

– an app that illustrates to users what items are recyclable in the user’s area.


– The Nightclub and bar guide (inspired by UrbanSpoon)


– I love this idea and I wish it existed. I think a lot of people would get onboard with something like this. Given that I have convinced the American Government to issue mobile versions of Driver’s Licenses and Passports and Banks to issue mobile versions of Debit and Credit Cards, my idea is to design a wallet app that makes wallets obsolete!


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