Three Sexy App Ideas

Interface Design

Coming up with ideas for apps it harder than it seems, especially when the app has to track something and do something that no other app does already. So, without further ado here are my ideas:

1. Travels Tracker – the travel tracker would work without even opening the app. It would simply track where you’ve been from a city view level to a global view level. Imagine google maps with all your travel history clearly documented day by day. I’d even include an option to have it printed off so you could immortalize a specific vacation or other travel event. The app would work without direction, but if the user wanted to add events to certain places and times there would be that option among others upon opening the app.

2. App tracker – App tracker also works without the user doing anything. The app tracker simply tracks the usage of all the apps stored on your phone. I would love to have a tool like this so that I know which apps I haven’t used in however long. Then I would be able to justify deleting it. I may even include a battery usage option which would notify the user of which apps have used the most battery life. An app that uses battery to track other apps battery usage….irony? It’d sort of be like the phone hall monitor.

3. This is my favorite, but it’s a risky project I guess… The Sexual Activity Tracker (I need to work on the name) This is for all the people I know, men and women, who always wish they had kept a journal of their “extra-carricular activities” Well, now they can. There’s be a really simple user interface where you just enter the name and date of the person and…ahem…what transpired…. It would have to have some serious security measures in place like something where you could delete your account remotely, a password to login, everything that one could imagine to make sure that the information inside the app would never fall into the wrong hands.


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