Portfolio Site Concept Statement

Interface Design


List of all users that may visit your site:

potential employers, current and future students, colleagues

What will each of those users want to see in order to enjoy their visit to your site?

something different. movement, flow, important content

 Name your intended audience (the person(s) you need to persuade.)

I need to ensure anyone who is looking at my portfolio site that I know what I’m doing, that I’m artistic and creative, but that I also know how to tailor my work.

Describe what you need to inform and persuade them of:

–Promote my:

skills and abilities as a designer as well as my ability to apply them

–Goals of the site are:

—–To keep a working resume available to everyone at anytime to display my designs

–My ultimate message/philosophy (about who you are):

—–Better living through design!

–What is the story you are telling?

—–I’m basically awesome. I’m an awesome designer and I’m an awesome desinger. Everyone wants to be my friend…and my employer.

List the assets you need to persuade the user: Which 7 projects?

—–Interactive Banner ads


—–Logo Development

—–Interactive Project

—–Typography: Web Design

—–Typography: Page Layout

—Applied Inforgraphic

What projects which do not exist yet will you want to show?

–Website project proposal

What categories will you depict in your mockup?

web, mobile, typography

 Concept Statement:

For my personal portfolio website I want to display the best work that I’ve done and use attractive typography and layout to navigate the user through the site effortlessly. I want viewers to get an accurate idea of who I am as a designer and hopefully convince them that I possess the necessary skills to work for them or with them; as a permanent employee at a firm or as a contracted employee for a specific project. I’d like to use some color to keep the site fun and interesting but not so much that it become distracting.

When navigating the site the user should think that it is laid out extremely well and very easy to find the information that they’re looking for. I don’t want the site to be overly interactive, I just want it to look attractive through calculated use of typography and color. I want it to look and feel professional but not also warm and personal.


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