The Portrait Retouch

Digital Illustration

Retouching a portrait and giving it a magazine cover quality can seem quite difficult and daunting if you don’t really know your way around Adobe Photoshop. Within the first two weeks of Digital Illustration class at the Art Institute of Seattle our class learned how to use the clone stamp tool, the healing brush tool, the patch tool, and blend modes. All in an effort to retouch self portraits that we took on the very first day of class! We learned about content aware modes that borrow colors and textures from around the area that you’re retouching so that it gives the photo a seamless, untouched look.

I chose this portrait of myself with this silly but growly look on my face to retouch and I could see right away all the areas that needed retouching. Retouching can be a really tricky thing because, naturally, a lot of people will want to retouch their face within an inch of their lives (like me) but the real skill is in retouching the photo to perfection but not so much that it obviously looks like it was retouched using post production programs. I started by changing my background and then taking out a lot of my freckles and blemishes using a low opacity brush, by using a low opacity brush I was able to retain the texture of my skin. I then whitened my teeth and brought out the color of my eyes using a soft-light blend mode. I finished up by adding some highlights to my hair and adding some shadowing contour lines to my jaw. After that, just for fun, I merged the layers using the short cut, command+option+shift+E (we learned in class) and used the liquify filter to plump my lips a little and make my left eye bigger, my left ear smaller, and my jaw a little more defined. The coup de grace was bringing in a pair of perfect lips from a girl in the class and blending them with my own face to make me look like a diehard Amanda Lepore fan! Enjoy

Rick2Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 12.01.29 PM Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 12.02.35 PM


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