Notes from Week 1

Survey of Design


-Projection Mapping – Stefan Sagmeister

-Magnificent Maps

-Branding (Anti-theft lunch bags!)



-A designer’s two roles

-satisfying the design brief

researching the subject matter to generate preliminary ideas. Create order and structure. Decide what is vital to communicate.

-Executing the job

Aesthetic control over sizes and colors, communication aids, heirarchy of information.


Design actively develops, maintains, and evolves conventions, axioms and cliches in order to convey important messages.

The “Deconstruction Method” – coined by French philosopher Jaques Derrida in the 1960’s

– By challenging or deconstructing accepted values, meaning can be delivered in new and different ways.


Designer working methods and Group Structure:

– Design Groups (local, national, international)

– Internships

– Account Handlers

– Project Managers

– Freelancers

– Sole Trader

– Partnerships and Collectives




– One of the mainstays of graphic design. Arrangement on a page, screen, or in the built invironment. Design has to work harder and harder for our attention

-Designers are modern story tellers. Narrative is constructed by using text and image to creat meanings achieved by symbolism, metaphor, or other devices.



Serif – small strokes at the end of a main vertical or horizontal stroke that aids reading by helping to lead the eye across a line text.

Sans-Serif – sans-serif fonts lack such decorative touches and typically have little stroke variation, larger X-height and no stress in rounded strokes.

Kerning –  the manual or automated removal of space between letters to improve the visual look of type.



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